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About Us

Started by Mr Alan McDougall in October 1981 with two business partners, City Engineering Ltd was born.

Quickly it became evident success was on its way and through some hard work, long hours and tough economic times the company gained a reputation for service and quality which is the foundation of our business today.


Over the years staff have matured and retired and directors have changed, so more family members have worked for the company to keep the standards high and the focus right.


Since 1998 with the huge development of the Pneumatics industry the company had a mini makeover with logo and title, enveloping the two core products we stock and supply, in fact its the same name we use today, City Transair.


We now have a small team of 5 who look after all of our customers with the very high levels of service and expertise which were required all those years ago. No departments, no red tape, just dedicated people to give you, the customer the very best, you could say; we take it personal.


So rest assured, your business matters to everyone at City Transair, whatever your requirements.  

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00116 230 0070

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